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How You Can Use GaggleAMP

GaggleAMP amplifies your content's reach

Amplify Content Reach

Reach new targeted audiences. You invest a massive amount of time and resources creating content, don’t let it wither on the vine. Activating your employees and partners to share marketing messages increases the exposure of your brand and share of voice in the market.

GaggleAMP supercharges your content distribution to make sure your content marketing investment doesn’t go to waste.

GaggleAMP helps you engage your stakeholders

Engage Stakeholders

Drive digital engagement by empowering employees and partners to know who, what and how to engage with external influencers, customers and prospects. By turning your stakeholders into engagement “beacons” they become an added voice to the digital conversation that is already taking place without you.

Adding more people to the digital conversation in a structured and empowered way, will accelerate your ability to be part of and lead the digital conversations around your industry.

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GaggleAMP help you improve internal communications

Internal Communications

Increase internal affinity for your brand. Improve communication and raise internal engagement by involving employees in targeted internal engagement opportunities within your organization. GaggleAMP helps invest employees in your brand and keeps them up to date on what your company is up to.                       

Employees of socially engaged companies are happier and boost recruiting efforts, becoming the face of your organization.

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GaggleAMP helps you increase social selling

Increase Social Selling

Selling through social media made easy. Social media is a powerful way to connect with prospects and strengthen business relationships. Your sales team already uses social media to find prospects. Now, make it easy for them to engage and share relevant content with their prospects and customers. 

GaggleAMP super-charges your social selling effort by taking the know-how and voice from marketing and making it easy for your sales team to make it their own.