Your Employer Branding Strategy, Amplified

Increasing Reach & Awareness

Digital marketers are tasked with extending brand awareness and reaching new target audiences. Activating your employees in a Gaggle® to amplify your marketing campaigns is a no brainer. Tapping into your workforce’s network of connections opens up your brand to an entirely new audience that your corporate social accounts often miss.

Leveraging your employee networks is the most authentic form of native advertising. Employee advocacy programs drive higher reach, click-through, and share rates than official brand pages or social ads. Using your Gaggle for employer branding by promoting messages helps to reduce pay-to-play advertising efforts as well as costly paid advertising campaigns.


Authentic Online Engagements

GaggleAMP's employer branding strategy

When a new marketing campaign launches, content is published on the company website, ads are placed, posts go out on the official corporate channels and maybe a press release is distributed. Kinda standard and cookie-cutter these days isn't it? People don’t connect with brands, they connect with the people that make up the brand.

Using a Gaggle to distribute messages not only helps with authenticity but also greeting greater connections with the audience. Rather than pumping out heavy-handed marketing jargon, each Gaggle message can be curated for an exact set of employees, using their tone and expertise to put a spin on the message their sharing. This creates a personal connection and more authentic messaging.

By using a Gaggle to connect marketing messages with real stakeholders in your company, brand awareness is amplified, customer support and success is increased, and employees genuinely feel like they are an integral part of a campaigns success. Imagine, all of that goodness out of one Gaggle. 


Native Influencer Marketing

Many companies seek out influencers in their industry to work with, incorporating them into their marketing plans. At GaggleAMP, we see influencer marketing as a cornerstone tactic within your employer branding strategy. What if, instead of going and getting outside influencers, you nurtured and leveraged the influencers internally within your company?

A Gaggle positions your employees as experts and thought-leaders in their field right inside your own company. These are the people your audience is looking to engage with. Let them!


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