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Your Social Media Marketing Strategy, Amplified

Tap into your employee, stakeholder, and partner networks
to add value and create better outcomes for your marketing campaigns and strategy.

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Create Authentic Engagements

Let's face it, people crave engagement with people, not brands. Authentic engagements with people promotes transparency, leaving people feeling a connection that, quite frankly, brands cannot touch.

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    When employees share on social media, they get far broader reach and engagements than brands.

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    Employees have networks made of people with similar interests and backgrounds.

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Drive Brand Awareness

Your business needs to reach its greatest marketing potential. Get people - not just brands, stakeholders, and partners - talking about your organization and your strengths.

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    Activities delivered in app, email, Slack, and more, makes it easier than ever to share and engage your employees.

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    Increase shareability with all of your content and engagement opportunities in one place.

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    Make it easy for employees, partners, and stakeholders to engage with activities all in one platform.

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Why You Need
Employee Advocacy

Learn what employee advocacy is and how it works to empower your team, from the front line to the c-suite, to become industry thought leaders. In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How employee advocacy works.
  • What content to use in a program.
  • How to start a program.
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Cast a Wider Net & Increase
Your Reach

Employees who actively advocate on behalf of their companies are sharing to a much wider audience than the brand can reach alone. This reach attracts new contacts for your employees, helping to grow their relevant network while promoting your brands content.

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"The main issues I had before GaggleAMP was getting my colleagues on the same page with social media. Many were too timid to use social media as they [were worried about] posting anything illegal (such as internal documents) and others simply didn't use social media. With GaggleAMP, we're able to connect everybody."

Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
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Common Questions About Content Amplification Platforms
and Employee Advocacy


Thinking about using employee advocacy as your content amplification platform? Here's some common questions often asked.

What is content amplification?

Content amplification is the process of boosting the potential reach and visibility of any type of content you want to promote, including blog posts, podcast episodes, ebooks, and more. This could be done on a variety of channels, including email, and social media. Content amplification needs to be a part of any successful content marketing strategy.

What is a content amplification strategy?

A content amplification strategy is your mapped-out plan of how you will boost your content to land in front of the eyes of your target audience. You want any piece of content you promote to get the most reach it possibly can, so you need to plan your attack. It’s important to include multiple channels in your content strategy, but what fuels your amplification could be several methods including employee advocacy, paid ads, email campaigns, and more.

How do I amplify my messages?

To amplify your messages, you need to know where your target audience lives so you can promote your content there. You should also utilize multiple channels to cast a wider net. Are they on social media platforms or specific social networks? Emailing subscribers is a great way to get your message out to an email list, but other channels might help you land a completely new audience. Using multiple channels and strategies such as employee advocacy, email marketing, and native advertising, is a great way to maximize your brand’s reach.

How do you amplify a blog on a social network?

A great way to gain organic traffic from blog posts on social media channels is by leveraging an employee advocacy program. Amplify your blog on a social network by directing employees at your company to engage or share a blog post on that network. This is a personable, trustworthy, and inexpensive way to share relevant content. For example, if you promote a blog post via a Facebook ad, you might get some paid traffic, but using employee advocacy gets that engagement for free on any social network. It also presents the blog as coming from an actual person rather than an ad.

What is social amplification?

Social amplification is the process of boosting the reach and engagement of your social media posts. For example, using an employee advocacy tool allows you to direct employees and partners to share and engage with a social media post, extending its reach to more people on the social network.

How do you amplify an Instagram post?

To amplify an Instagram post using an employee advocacy program is easy. Employee advocacy platforms like GaggleAMP work as simple-to-use content amplification platforms. With employee advocacy, you can request all your employees to like or comment on the Instagram post or video you want to amplify. Using your employee advocacy tool, simply copy the link to the Instagram post or video, paste it into the activity you want people to carry out, and watch your engagement grow.

What is an example of content amplification?

If there is a piece of content you want to get more engagement and more views, you are trying to amplify that content. An example of doing this is to put it through your content distribution channels, such as making it an advertisement, sending it to people on your email lists, and running it through your employee advocacy program. You can do this with all types of content. To amplify content on social media platforms, you can use your employee advocacy program as a content amplification tool. Simply request employees and partners to engage with the content on social media or share it on their feeds.

How do you amplify a social media campaign?

To amplify a social media campaign, you can pay for advertising, but you can also promote it organically through employee advocacy. Using employee advocacy software, you can request employees engage with social media posts you want to amplify. They can like a post, share it, and comment on it. When employees share your posts, it presents these posts more authentically because it’s coming from the trustworthy source of other people, opposed to a brand handle or ad.

AMPlify Your Social Media Reach with GaggleAMP

Are You Ready? Your Employee Advocacy Checklist

This checklist can be used as a helpful guideline to see if you're ready to take on an employee advocacy program or what you need to do to get there.

Building the Case for an Employee Advocacy Program

Whether your employee advocacy program is brand new, or you’ve been running it for years, you still want to expand it and boost its potential.

Launching an Employee Advocacy Program

Ricoh Canada knew there was an opportunity for further growth to promote its activities and accomplishments as an organization.