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By using our employee advocacy platform, you can now empower your employees to support your business goals by sharing content and creating authentic engagement with prospects, customers and more.

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GaggleAMP's employee advocacy platform

Simplicity in the Office or On-the-Go

We know that when employees are comfortable using a platform, and are confident that they’re making the right decisions, participation and, most importantly, results, soar. That’s why we provide users with customized mobile and desktop versions to make their experience as intuitive and effective as possible. Whether inside the office or out, GaggleAMP is always easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, helping boost employee participation as fast as possible.  

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GaggleAMP's segmented employee advocacy platform

Seamless Segmentation

Behind the scenes of every successful business are the teams that make it possible. We understand that within your business, there are different roles, objectives, and interests. That’s why, with GaggleAMP's employee advocacy platform, you can segment the content your employees want to see by tagging them.

Let's face it. Content libraries look nice but simply don't work. They overwhelm users with too much content and not enough personalization. By tagging and grouping employees, you can deliver the most relevant content to them and their respective audiences. Whether it's different product lines, regions or just general interests your employees and their audiences will appreciate this curated approach. 

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True Engagement

Just like a successful party, when it comes to content marketing, people joining in is the maker or breaker of a successful campaign. That’s why our focus goes far beyond simply sharing posts on social media. We’ve put together more than 40 different actions your employees can take online, making engagement simple and convenient across the web -- all from one place.

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When it comes to your business, do you simply guesstimate whether or not it’s doing well? We didn’t think so. So why would you leave the success of your marketing to chance? GaggleAMP gives you in-depth analytics to track, measure, and continually improve your content marketing and social media engagements.

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-Features - Gamification


Many employees at your company are willing to participate in your employee advocacy program, but they also need incentives to get going and stay engaged over time. That’s where gamification comes in.

Gamification with GaggleAMP is simple. For every action an employee performs, they earn a certain amount of points. Once an employee earns enough points, they can redeem them for certain rewards.

A little friendly competition also never hurts. That’s why GaggleAMP provides a public leaderboard that employees can opt-in to so they know where they rank among their peers.

Supported Networks

GaggleAMP supercharges your campaigns no matter what mix of networks you're leveraging throughout the world. We currently support the following networks:

Mail Chimp

Partnered Marketing

We’re constantly partnering with newest and best marketing technology providers to bring you a seamless digital marketing experience. Here are our current technology partners:

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