Create, collaborate, and share content

Create, collaborate, and share content with employees and stakeholders.

Discover how employee advocacy with GaggleAMP boosts reach and engagement for innovative brands and organizations of all sizes and industries.


Extend Employee Advocacy Reach

Extend Your Contents' Reach and Engagement

With GaggleAMP, you can request your employees perform over 50 different activities on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Xing, Glassdoor, and many more!

By doing this, you'll exponentially increase the visibility of your content while highlighting your employees as thought leaders in your industry. 

One Click Employee Advocacy Sharing

Meet Your Employees Where They Are

One-click employee advocacy activities keep your employees active in their day-to-day while still contributing to your employee advocacy efforts. Leverage these activities in platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to keep engagements high and friction low.

One Click Employee Advocacy Sharing
Amy McWilliams

Amy Kugali McWilliams

Marketing Manager at Ricoh

"It's so easy to curate and write messages and put them into GaggleAMP for the sales team to use. We went from not using social media at all to having a small army of advocates for our company and offerings!"

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Employee Advocacy Analytics With GaggleAMP

Gain Insight From Analytics

See exactly how your employee advocacy program is performing with in-depth analytics, dashboards, and benchmarking against other programs. Measure clicks, shares, and engagements to track the performance against your KPIs and outcomes.

Employee Advocacy Analytics With GaggleAMP
Gamification With Employee Advocacy at GaggleAMP

Increase Participation and Engagement With Gamification

Gamification spurs a little friendly competition amongst your employees and increases participation. 

You can share the leaderboard with your program members and acknowledge them or their efforts. This keeps employees motivated long-term and draws more people into your program. 

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Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster

Digital Marketing Manager

"I love how easy this product is to use and how much marketing budget we've been able to save through social amplification and employee advocacy."

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Integrate With Your Favorite Platforms

GaggleAMP integrates with the best of the best in marketing automation, CRM, SSO, communications, email and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Advocacy

What does it mean to be an employee advocate or to participate in an employee advocacy program?

Here's a look at the most commonly asked questions.

What is an employee advocacy platform?

An employee advocacy platform offers a way for social media marketers to get employees to share brand messages, content suggestions, company news, and more on social networks. These activities range from liking a social media post, sharing relevant content, following relevant people, and more. Strong employee advocacy tools are easy for both the Managers and Members to use while offering a wide range of activities for Managers to utilize for their marketing efforts.

Why is employee advocacy important?

Employee advocacy is a great way to make a brand’s voice more personable, authentic, and trustworthy through social media networks. People trust other people more than they trust brands or ads, so your brand messages and company content will have a greater reach and receive more engagement if they’re shared by your employees rather than your brand handles. Think of it as influencer marketing, but your employees are the influencers.

Why use employee advocacy software?

Many organizations try to run employee advocacy programs through email, Excel spreadsheets, or messaging platforms like Slack, but they are unable to measure the performance of their programs. An employee advocacy solution shows you how many Members carry out suggested activities, how much engagement the suggested posts receive, what their potential reach is, and more. Employee advocacy platforms are great engagement tools for your social media marketing efforts.

What does employee advocacy mean?

Employee advocacy, which is sometimes referred to as social advocacy, is the method of promoting a brand’s initiatives in a trusted way through people who work for the organization, typically on social media platforms. Employees can use their social media influence to share pre-approved content and engage with relevant social media posts to promote their brand.

What should you look for in an employee advocacy platform?

A great place to start is an employee advocacy platform that is effective, easy to use, and has a great support system behind it. For example, GaggleAMP has an amazing Customer Success team that builds customized strategies for clients and stays with them every step of the way to help them hit their goals. Furthermore, employee advocacy platforms often have gamification features for employee advocates, and internal communication capabilities to keep everyone in the loop.

How do I create an employee advocacy program?

To start an employee advocacy program, you’ll need to know the goals you want to achieve, have a social media presence in place, and have an idea of which employees your initial brand advocates will be. You’ll also want a consistent stream of content for employees to share and make content curation easy. Once these initial building blocks are in place, you can work with GaggleAMP’s team to help map out your strategy, and use the GaggleAMP employee advocacy platform to execute your plan.

How could you encourage employees to advocate for your brand on social media?

Through acknowledgment! The GaggleAMP employee advocacy platform has great gamification features to acknowledge your employee advocates while injecting some friendly competition into your efforts. Members who accrue the highest point totals in a given period of time can win awards that the Manager assigns, such as company-branded merchandise, gift cards, and more. This keeps Members motivated to participate longer, while Members who are not in your program will be intrigued and consider joining.

What are the benefits of employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is a great way to extend your social media reach, boost engagement, and get your brand’s messages out to your target audience on social media in a much more authentic and personable way. We’ve seen many companies do all of these while boosting traffic to their website and increasing conversions for their campaigns.

Why should an employee be an advocate for their brand?

Employees might not know it right away, but they get a lot out of being employee advocates, including growing their social media presence, building their personal brands, and more. Being part of an employee advocacy program also helps them do their jobs. For example, a salesperson who practices social selling is more likely to hit their goals, while an HR person can practice social media recruitment and bring in top applicants.


Employee Advocacy Builds Better Outcomes.

Getting Started With Employee Advocacy

When employees share your content, they unlock the full potential of their collective networks by increasing shares, reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

Championing Employee Advocacy Programs

Hear how Yvonne Boateng, the Employee Advocacy Director at Standard Chartered Bank overcame obstacles to increase engagements by 180X.

Launching an Employee Advocacy Program

Ricoh Canada knew there was an opportunity for further growth to promote its activities and accomplishments as an organization.