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Enlist your employees to promote and amplify your employer brand to help you recruit new talent, while motivating them to participate in company initiatives.


Talent Acquisition With Employee Advocacy
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Grow Your Talent Pool and Reduce Time to Hire

Employees and stakeholders enthusiastically want to get involved in attracting talent, especially when they are happy about where they work. When it comes to talent acquisition, employee advocacy helps by:

  • Proactively sharing stories about what it's like to work for your company.
  • Attracting new talent from peer networks that are full of people a lot like them.
  • Reducing time to hire by showing potential employees what it is like to work at your company.
  • Lowering recruiting costs.


Feedback From Employees With Employee Advocacy


Solicit and Act on Employee Feedback

Keep your employees engaged while getting valuable feedback to help your business. Use the GaggleAMP Community module and create a place for people to actively share thoughts with one another, engage on content feeds, and curate activities. By encouraging sharing with prompts, you'll gain valuable insight into your operations. 

  • Survey your teams for feedback on new initiatives, sentiment, and more.
  • Conduct 'Ask Me Anything' discussions with your executive leadership.
  • Provide a walled garden for the sharing of employee-generated content and ideas.


Feedback From Employees With Employee Advocacy
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Keri Barnett-Howell

Keri Barnett-Howell

Manager, Learning and Talent

"I can reach way more of an audience with recruiting posts. For hard to find jobs, or newly posted jobs, I create a post, and with one click, my entire company can share on their LinkedIn and reach way more people than I ever could alone."

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Improve Company Culture With Employee Advocacy GaggleAMP
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Getting Employees to Share Content is a Culture Thing

Employee advocacy does more than promoting brand awareness, engagements, and reach on social. You also end up with a workforce that better understands the business. They learn how different content is positioned to reach different audiences, and it increases the awareness of the companies operations. 

Improve Company Culture With Employee Advocacy GaggleAMP

Frequently Asked Talent Pool Questions

Discover how an employee advocacy platform can help you develop a deep talent pool for your company.

What is a talent pool?

A talent pool is a list of highly qualified candidates for your job openings. Let’s say your recruitment team has job openings that could potentially lead to millions of candidates. During the recruitment process, they will select the top applicants and place them in the talent pool to move forward in consideration. This way, recruiters don’t have to sort through millions of people. They just sort through the candidates who raised their hands and recruiters believe stand out.

What is a talent pool program?

A talent pool program is a system used to separate the top candidates in your talent pool from the rest of your applicants. In a talent pool program, a recruitment team identifies the most qualified candidates in the pool and advances them in the talent acquisition process.

What methods can you use to attract top candidates into a talent pool?

Recruitment teams use many different methods to attract top talent such as messaging them directly, using third-party HR software, and tools LinkedIn provides. A great strategy for attracting top-qualified candidates is employee advocacy. When employees in your organization – both in and out of HR – share your job openings on social media, it increases the visibility of both your brand and your job openings. It also presents your company as a great place to work because you have a trusted source – your employees – sharing the job openings.

Why do you need a talent pool?

Having a talent pool is a good way to keep a record of who the top qualified candidates are for your job openings. It helps the recruitment team stay organized, and it helps them separate awesome talent from the rest, even in the largest pools of talent.

How do you build a talent pool?

To build a talent pool, you want to get the word out about your job, see who raises their hand, and see if they qualify. Getting your brand and your job openings in front of qualified candidates will make life easier for your recruitment team. They can keep tabs on who the best candidates are to include in their talent pool.

How do you attract a talented applicant pool?

To attract top-qualified candidates out of the millions of candidates that are out there, you need to have a great first step in your recruitment process. Make your brand a place people want to work. Be more personable, trustworthy, and authentic. Through an employee advocacy program, you can share your job openings with your employees on social media. They can say what they like about working at your company, and your organization will be presented as a desirable place to work. If you aren’t having employees promote your job openings, then you have an untapped talent pool waiting for you. 

What is the difference between a talent pool and a talent pipeline?

A talent pipeline is a source of candidates who could be interested in your job openings, but a talent pool is made up of vetted applicants and is a step further in the recruitment process. Your recruitment team knows the people in a talent pool could potentially fill a job opening, while people in a talent pipeline still need to be vetted.

How do you attract a highly qualified candidate?

To attract highly qualified candidates to your job openings, you need to build up your brand as a desirable place to work. Using your employees to promote your brand and your job openings through an employee advocacy program can lead to more high-quality talent pools. You can draw in some awesome talent by making your brand more personable, authentic, and trustworthy through your employees promoting your job openings and your brand.

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