Talent Pool Development & Other HR Benefits

Employee Engagement & Culture

Company loyalty is somewhat of a touchy subject these days. The days of getting a job and staying at one company for 20+ years seem to be long gone. Switching jobs every few years is the new norm and if you’ve spoken with any HR professional, hiring and on-boarding new employees is a huge drain on resources.

A well managed successful employee advocacy program can help curb this issue. Involving employees in the bigger picture provides them with a greater sense of ownership and belonging. A significant driver of employee satisfaction is how well employees understand the way their job connects to the organization’s success. Knowing that they can have a real impact on business success through their online sharing and activities fosters higher internal engagement.

Informed Employees

Human Resources Benefits of employee advocacy

Many organizations use some combination of newsletters and intranets to distribute company news. It is very important to many companies that their employees are up to date on what the company is up to. Unfortunately, employees face a barrage of communications these days and an organization's efforts often get tossed in the pile with the rest of them. There’s an easy way to overcome this through employee advocacy.

A funny thing happens when employees are more involved in your marketing activities. Not only do they start sharing content but they start consuming it as well. They read the news and articles they are sharing. They know about the latest products and what’s happening in your industry. They’re doing more than just coming in, getting their work done and leaving. Employees begin to truly become engaged with the work that not just they are doing but the work their company is doing as a whole.

Recruiting & Hiring

Recruiting new employees is a time-consuming and often frustrating venture. There are many different avenues to pursue but most of them come with high costs and variable results when it comes to successful placement of long term employees. The advent of social media opened the floodgates to a massive pool of candidates. However, the scope was also magnified hundreds of times due to the sheer volume of users on social media. So, how do you filter through this vast ocean to find the right candidates? This is where your employees can step in and assist.

According to studies, employee referrals have the highest applicant to hire conversion rate. Even more interesting is that only 7% of applicants are via employees, but this accounts for 40% of all new hire hires. By enlisting employees to post your open positions on social media, you narrow the field and the best candidates are attracted by people they already know. As an added bonus, your employees will feel valued knowing they are helping build great teams within your organization.


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