GaggleAMP Integrations

Improve your workflow by connecting GaggleAMP with your existing business tools. Here are just a few noteworthy apps that work perfectly well with GaggleAMP.


Integrations at GaggleAMP - Employee Advocacy

Connect Marketing and Communication Tools

GaggleAMP offers a variety of ways to connect to your favorite marketing and communications tools so that you can see exactly how your teams are contributing to your organization.

Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

Install the GaggleAMP bot in your company's Microsoft Teams account to start receiving notifications of new activities to complete directly in Microsoft Teams.

Slack Logo


Install the GaggleAMP bot in your company's Slack team. Members connect their Slack accounts to GaggleAMP to start receiving notifications of new activities directly in Slack.

Salesforce Logo


GaggleAMP's Salesforce Integration allows Gaggle Members to join your company's Gaggle(s) and perform Activities directly from Salesforce.

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome Extension

GaggleAMP users can get notified of new messages that are available in their program with the GaggleAMP Chrome extension.


Supported Social Networks

Supercharge your campaigns no matter what mix of networks you’re leveraging.

Facebook Logo


Create activities like comment on a post, visit an event, like a post, share a post, link, or photo, or even like a page with our Facebook integration.



Leverage the Twitter integration to prompt your network to follow others, ask a question that employees can post their answer to, retweet or like a post, or even share links on Twitter.

LinkedIn Logo


Take your LinkedIn campaign strategy to the next level with access to activities like post a comment, follow a company or influencer, share and reshare a post, and much more.

Glassdoor Logo


Ask your employee network to review your organization directly on Glassdoor. 

YouTube Logo


Boost your video marketing efforts and direct your program members to comment, like, and subscribe to content on YouTube.

Indeed Logo


Ask your biggest advocates, your employees, for a review, and give applicants a sense of what it's like to work for your company.

Instagram Logo


Take full advantage of the free photo and video sharing app by asking your members to comment, follow, like, submit a video or photo, or add to a hashtag all from the GaggleAMP platform.

Mailchimp Logo


Ask members of your Gaggle to join a list on Mailchimp for email programs.



Pinterest Logo


A visual take on a social bookmarking site, ask your employees to contribute by following a board or pinning specific content. 

Quora Logo


Direct your subject matter experts in your program to engage with content directly from the GaggleAMP platform.

Slideshare Logo

LinkedIn SlideShare

Did you see an awesome SlideShare presentation your program members should engage with? Ask them to comment or like the SlideShare from your Gaggle.

Xing Logo


The German equivalent of LinkedIn, GaggleAMP can support the sharing of content to the Xing professional network.


Link Tracking Integrations

Know how your content is resonating with your network using your favorite link tracking tools. You can choose to add UTM parameters to any link shared by GaggleAMP activities and captured in any supporting software you use, including these vendors.

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

UTM parameters from your GaggleAMP program can be easily captured in Google Analytics for further direction on what is driving traffic to your site.

Bitly Logo

Bitly Integration

Enable URLs to be shortened with your company's custom domain names in Bitly, including your GaggleAMP campaigns.

Salesforce Logo


UTM parameters can be customized in Pardot to  create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximize efficiency. 

Marketo Logo


UTM parameters can be customized in Marketo to empower marketers to build brand value, grow revenue, and prove impact.

HubSpot Logo


UTM parameters are captured by HubSpot to give companies the clarity they need to produce robust online marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Logo

Oracle Marketing Cloud

UTM parameters are captured by Oracle Marketing Cloud to create engagement, orchestrate experiences, connect data, and optimize interactions for Eloqua.



Single Sign-On Integrations

Increase your employee productivity and make it easy for your employees to access GaggleAMP with these SSO solutions. GaggleAMP is able to support all SAML 2.0-compatible identity providers, including these vendors.