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Who are we?

The internet is not about servers and syntax. It’s not about bandwidths and business. It’s about people. And with the right tools and content, it’s about people learning, connecting, and creating positive outcomes everywhere.

At GaggleAMP®, we were the first to see a special kind of potential in social media. And, we remain the only ones focused exclusively on helping brands engage their employees, partners, and stakeholders to help drive their businesses forward. As the digital world moves beyond Likes and followers, we see a place in which people engage with organizations, businesses, and, most importantly, with each other.

Our focus will remain on these acts of engagement and not just on the sophisticated technology behind it. We can do that because we are free from the influences and distractions of parent companies, investors, or other business lines.

The digital world we envision requires ways to align the right content with the right people. It demands transparency, reverence for individuality, and tools to help people explore and learn.

It also demands kitten videos, because those are never not going to be popular.

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Learning is Love

Over the years we've learned a ton from our customers. The GaggleAMP Learning Center is the ultimate resource of employee advocacy knowledge. In it you will find everything you need to run a successful employee advocacy & engagement program. 

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