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Our mission is to provide an employee advocacy platform where your employees and stakeholders feel comfortable sharing content to their networks which increases reach, drives engagement, and sends measurable business results to drive stronger outcomes.

About GaggleAMP

GaggleAMP's Story

GaggleAMP is one of the first to help organizations reach their social media goals through what is now called employee advocacy, and we remain one of the few focused exclusively on doing so. Started in 2011, GaggleAMP was born out of an idea that came up in a job interview and, upon discovering no such amplification tool existed, our CEO developed it.


Our Founder's Story

In 2010, Founder and CEO Glenn Gaudet interviewed for a CMO position with a large Fortune 500 company. The company had a problem - they wanted to increase their social reach and felt their social strategy could be doing more for them. Positioned with the question of how to make social media more effective, Gaudet said they should explore a technology that allowed them to expand their social reach by tapping into their best advocates - their employees.


Leaving the interview and feeling confident an offer was on the horizon, he did a quick search to find the names of the solutions that would solve the company's social media problem. Nothing existed...so he created it. And that is how GaggleAMP was born.


Partnering with co-founder Jason Nochlin in 2011, they created the first solution designed to amplify social messages on an employee's network. Today, GaggleAMP is dedicated to employee advocacy, leading the market in the number of sharable Activities available to employees. We've also made it easier for employees to submit employee-generated content to their Gaggle Managers, not only for internal discussions, but also for external amplification.


Today, GaggleAMP serves clients of all sizes worldwide and is still 100% founder-owned and free from the influence of parent companies, investors, or other business lines. While our roots go back to the Greater Boston area, today we are proud to say we are 100% remote with employees located worldwide.

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Our Values

GaggleAMP strives to create a culture that is all-inclusive, sustains creative thinking, and encourages healthy discussions. Our employees are distributed worldwide, but that doesn't stop them from engaging with one another, attending events, sharing their work, and contributing to their personal development and growth with a variety of opportunities to learn new skills.


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Innovative Technology + Exceptional People = The Driving Force Behind GaggleAMP.

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"The way I look at work is that if it makes you happy it's worth it. What makes me happy is the feeling of continuous personal and professional growth, and a great company culture. We have a belief in the product, surround ourselves with amazing people, and I have the sense that my contributions and opinions are very well appreciated."

Sinisa Kusic

Front-End Web Developer at GaggleAMP

"I enjoy every moment working with the team, brainstorming together, creating, solving complex problems, not just technical debts but also product related discussions. Can't think of a better remote team than GaggleAMP!"

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Alexey Zatsepin

Full Stack Engineer at GaggleAMP

"This team is buzzing with excitement for what we've done, what we're doing, and where we're going!"

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Tom McNamee

Product Manager at GaggleAMP