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What is a Gaggle®?

Marketers love to track engagement and ROI through social media. GaggleAMP lets them leverage the reach potential of individual employees, customers, and partners through a Gaggle, or a network of people in a group. As a member of a Gaggle, social media messages are amplified and distributed across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

How the Gaggle Amplifies Messages

With a Gaggle, Gaggle Managers (our term for an admin) can provide Gaggle Members pieces of content to share to their network. When a Gaggle Member shares this content to their social media channels, it gains both reach and awareness amongst their network. Then their network becomes aware of this content and shares it with their friends, followers, or network, amplifying the effect of the message over time. 

Using an employee advocacy tool to amplify a message solves three major brand hurdles:

  • People now trust other people more than brands. With the message coming from a person, there is a greater affinity for the message and other people are more likely to share the content.
  • By using a Gaggle, everyone can participate in social media. The messages shared in the Gaggle are company approved!
  • Using a Gaggle to share brand messaging, companies reduce their spend on both CPM and CPC advertising.

Who Uses the Gaggle?


Give your marketing the boost it needs for long-term success. A Gaggle makes it easy to give your campaigns and content an edge, manage your public relations efforts, and build your brand all while creating authentic engagement.

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Give your sales team a powerful tool that helps them do what they do best. Take social selling beyond simply connecting with prospects. A Gaggle will leverage effective content from marketing and positions sales to make it their own, creating powerful connection to strengthen relationships.

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Human Resources
Involve your employees in the bigger picture by engaging them with content and activities. A Gaggle allows employees share work-related content, job postings, and community involvement events with their community. This helps employees feel more connected to the company and better understand the company values.

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