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Boost Engagement With Employee Advocacy

Highlight your positive workplace culture, and keep employees better connected, more informed, and feel like they are an influential part of your company's social media strategy.


Highlighting Achievements With Employee Advocacy at GaggleAMP
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Recognize Individual Achievements in an Open Forum

Recognize and reward your top performers in an open forum, which motivates them to be active in your program long-term and:  

  • Creates a regular cadence of managerial recognition to staff.
  • Allows peers to express gratitude to one another.
  • Recognition-rich environments promote productivity and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates.




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Improve Company Culture With Employee Advocacy GaggleAMP
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Getting Employees to Share Content is a Culture Thing

Employee advocacy does more than promoting brand awareness, engagements, and reach on social. You also end up with a workforce that better understands the business. They learn how different content is positioned to reach different audiences, and it increases the awareness of the company's operations. 

Improve Company Culture With Employee Advocacy GaggleAMP
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Promoting Organizational Transparency at GaggleAMP
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Promote Organizational Transparency

Employees tend to be more engaged in their jobs when they feel included. GaggleAMP provides a forum called Channels, where discussions can occur openly in a walled-garden, or Gaggle Managers can tie activities to Channels to target their Members with content. This transparency helps:

  • Improve relationships and communications with peers, partners, and teams.
  • Increase job satisfaction.
  • Create an inclusive environment where employees can learn and grow.


Employee Advocacy's Impact on Your Communications

How to Improve Employee Communication at Your Organization

Employee communication is the backbone of your business. When employees feel heard, they feel included and valued, leading to better employee engagement in the organization. 

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