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Certified in Employee Advocacy Agency Partners

Gain a new revenue stream by offering your clients employee advocacy program management. Through our certified in employee advocacy program, you'll learn how to grow, scale, and manage an employee advocacy program for your clients.  This allows agencies to provide a value-add service for their clients, backed by training and mentorship from GaggleAMP.

Certified Agency Partners Benefits Include:

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    Training and workshops around employee advocacy and strategy.

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    How to package an employee advocacy program with other agency offerings.

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    Messaging assistance to help you sell employee advocacy to your clients.

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    Ongoing mentorship with our customer success managers to help you retain, report, and scale your clients programs.

Partnership referral at GaggleAMP

"I would highly recommend GaggleAMP. It is extremely easy, the company is a joy to work with, and it can really help leverage your employee networks to gain brand awareness and reach more prospects."

Madison Hagen
Marketing Coordinator


Technology Partners

Have you thought about advocacy capabilities within your own platform? Whether your clients have a need for Employee, Channel or any Stakeholder Advocacy, we can help. Leveraging GaggleAMP's know-how and our APIs for integration capabilities, our technology partners benefit from continuous innovation and relationship management, while your team can focus on the core product and its innovation.

Technology providers lean on GaggleAMP for:

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    Driving Brand Awareness.

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    One-Click Advocacy Efforts.

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    Increasing Social Media Engagement.

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    Creating Brand Consistency.

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    Participation in Valuable Social Media Conversations.

Partnership Technology Partners at GaggleAMP


Application Partners

Do you have a SaaS product that provides value-add engagement or enrichment? Could employers benefit from their employees participating in an activity on your platform? Leverage our low code/no-code capabilities to get your product in front of thousands of people in the form of activities employees are requested to complete.

Application Partner Activities Include:

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    Complete a Glassdoor Review.

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    Subscribe to a MailChimp List.

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    Answer a Question on Quora.

Partnership Application Partners GaggleAMP


We Integrate With Your Current Tech Stack

To drive your business forward, your tools should talk to each other. That's why GaggleAMP integrates with the tools and platforms you already use and love. Don't see what you're looking for? Ask our team!

Partnerships with GaggleAMP Integrations


Marketing Partners

Marketing partners leverage our combined audiences to promote both our brands and the partnership formed between us.

Marketing partnerships can be ad hoc or long-term and include:

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    Brand experts at AMPlify Virtual, our employee advocacy event.

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    Joint in-person or virtual events.

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    Webinar collaborations.

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    Packaged solutions and access to partner relationships.

Partnerships with GaggleAMP - Marketing Partners

Talk To Us About Your Partnership

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