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Customer Success at GaggleAMP is the Secret to Our Success

From small businesses to global organizations, we provide the care and insight to help your organization scale and grow an employee advocacy program.


Getting Started

Kick Your Employee Advocacy Program off Right!

All employee advocacy programs at GaggleAMP kick off with a 90-day dedicated Customer Implementation Manager. They'll help you get the best start possible with your program, help you learn how to use the platform, and set your Members up for success.

After implementation, our Customer Success Managers provide ongoing coaching using internal benchmarks to highlight opportunities for improvement while helping you succeed.

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    Manager and Member Training

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    Troubleshooting and General Support

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    Benchmarking and Employee Earned Media Value Assessments

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    Expansion of Program Advocates

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    Customer Success Managers for Every Customer


Performance BenchMarking

Insight Driven Performance Benchmarking

Your Customer Success Manager will conduct regular performance calls to answer the question, “How’s your Gaggle® doing?” Here, we benchmark you against similar companies to provide a data-driven view of where you are and where you could be.


“ We have an amazing Customer Success Manager in Chad, who was an incredible asset to the launch and training portion of the program. He’s just been so incredibly responsive anytime I have a question or any of our Gaggle Managers have questions. It’s so nice to have that kind of support and know that you can just reach out. GaggleAMP definitely has a great customer support team.”

Brooke Kaczmarek
Social Media Strategist

Support & Coaching

Business Goals Change; We’ll Grow With You

From upcoming events to new product launches, your Customer Success Manager has your back. They provide you with ongoing support and coaching on how to best leverage your employee advocacy program to support your campaign and company goals.


Learn and Grow

Employee Advocacy Builds Better Outcomes

Getting Started With Employee Advocacy

When employees share your content, they unlock the full potential of their collective networks by increasing shares, reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

Championing Employee Advocacy

Hear how Yvonne Boateng, the Employee Advocacy Director at Standard Chartered Bank overcame obstacles to increase engagements by 180X.

Launching an Employee Advocacy Program

Ricoh Canada knew there was an opportunity for further growth to promote its activities and accomplishments as an organization.