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The costs of traditional cold calling and emailing continue to rise while their effectiveness falls. In 2015, Millennials overtook the majority representation of the workforce and by 2030 this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce. Today’s buyers don’t respond too well to direct outreach from a sales person, meaning salespeople need to be better connected and more authentic than ever to truly connect with their prospects.

By changing the objective from social selling to providing value, sales becomes less about sales, and more about education. When a salesperson shows dedication to providing useful information with no agenda, that can be turned into real value when leads become interested and want to know more about your company.

This is where a Gaggle® can be invaluable. Using social listening, Gaggle Managers can direct Gaggle participants to specific posts where their expertise could be needed. This keeps the sales team focused on selling while increasing their effectiveness on social media of getting to the right place at the right time. 

Relationship Building

Social Selling on Employee Advocacy Colonial Life with GaggleAMP Platform

By participating in a Gaggle, your employees are positioned with the right message at the right time on the right social network with the right media or asset for that network. This is important because your prospects are focused on more than just a user experience. They’re looking to build a relationship with a company they choose to partner with. Old sales tactics such as cold calling and bulk emailing come off as impersonal and, frankly, dishonest. Your Gaggle Members are your biggest advocates, redefining relationships using our social selling tool. Plus, Gaggle Members are often more engaged and empowered than a non-Gaggle participant, meaning your building a stronger relationship with your team, too.


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