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Simply Made for Social Selling

Bigger pipelines, faster close rates, and better relationships.

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Leverage Social Selling to Build Your Sales Pipeline

If your sales team is only using social media to prospect, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Social media is a fully-functioning sales channel that drives real deals into the pipeline and revenue to your bottom line.

Now, if there was only a platform that could help promote your sales team as thought leaders and point them to exact conversations taking place on social media where they can contribute. 

Yeah, we do that, and more!

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"Sales reps who were active on GaggleAMP saw two-to-three times the company's average sales growth in the last year."

Chris Winston
Chris Winston
Director of Corporate Communications
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Meet Your Ideal Customers Where They are Right Now

Today's buyers don't respond too well to direct outreach, meaning salespeople need to be more digitally savvy to truly connect with their prospects.

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    Tap into key conversations on social.

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    Provide useful information with no hidden agendas.

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    Enter conversations at the right place and right time.

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Case Study

Learn How WGroup Built $2 Million in Sales Pipeline With Employee Advocacy



Integrations Make Everything Easier

Keep your sales team focused on sales, not curating content on social media. We leverage leading platforms to create link tracking to prove effectiveness, SSO for easy sign on, and direct integration to some of your sales and marketing tools.

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    Track effectiveness with UTM parameters from your favorite link tracking integrations.

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    Complete activities right from the platform, browser, email, mobile, or Salesforce CRM.

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"Our future clients find us online, and social media sharing is a critical component of our inbound marketing strategy. GaggleAMP allows our internal marketing team to craft messages and actions that will resonate with our team members, and then gives them the opportunity to select messages they want to share, along with the ability to add their personal flair to the message."

Jen Spencer-1
Jen Spencer
VP of Sales and Marketing
SmartBug Media

Frequently Asked Questions on
Social Selling and Advocacy


What does it mean to be an employee advocate or to participate in an employee advocacy program?

Here's a look at the most commonly asked questions.

What is social selling software?

Social selling software enables salespeople to engage with their target audience of potential buyers on social media platforms. These types of platforms can make it easier for sales reps to tap into an online community of people on social networks who may be interested in their services.

What is social selling on social media?

Social selling on social media is the practice of getting sales reps active on social networks by having them engage with potential customers. The idea is, a social media network is a social place, and it’s much more casual to connect with someone on social platforms than it is to cold call someone. You can keep your brand top of mind by answering questions and solving problems that your target audience has.

Why does social selling work for driving leads?

Social selling is a great way to answer questions and get involved in meaningful discussions with potential customers. Sales reps can make connections with people who may be interested in their products and service and share relevant content for them to engage with. This builds your brand’s credibility, making it look more personable and authentic, and keeps your brand top of mind for people interested in what you offer. Sales reps can build their credibility too, which can help them drive leads and close deals. Salespeople who are active on social media are more likely to hit their goals than those who are not.

What are the advantages of social selling?

The advantages of having a strong social selling strategy are you can casually make connections with people online, you can show your knowledge and credibility without having to schedule a call or by cold calling someone, and you can engage in conversations with people to help solve problems. You can also practice a bit of inbound marketing by having potential customers see what you have to say when sharing valuable content on social channels. Social media allows you to find relevant conversations that you can hop in and get noticed.

Is social selling the same as social media marketing?

Social selling is not the same as social media marketing, but it is a segment of social media marketing. Social media marketing involves more inbound marketing where you drive engagement towards your brand and marketing content. Social selling involves sales reps reaching out to a target audience in online communities on social platforms.

How do you use social selling on LinkedIn and other social networks to build connections?

Social selling on LinkedIn is a great way to build professional relationships and connections. LinkedIn is a great place for B2B sales, and what you can do is search for people and keyphrases to find the right people to engage with. The key is solving people’s problems and answering their questions so they keep you at top of mind when they’re ready to buy. This strategy works on any social network, but it’s important to know which network your audience lives on.

Which social media platform is best for social selling?

Deciding which social media platform makes the most sense for your social selling efforts depends on who you’re selling to. You want to be where your target audience lives. If your potential customers are on Instagram or Facebook, having your sales reps be active there could lead to social selling success. But if you are a B2B salesperson, and your target audience tends to have an online community on LinkedIn or Twitter, those are the places for you.

What is social selling in business?

Social selling in business is the practice of selling to other businesses through social media channels. Salespeople who are successful with social selling find which social network their target audience lives on, share valuable content with them, engage in conversations with them, and provide value by solving their problems. The idea is to stay top of mind when these people are ready to buy.

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