Increase Agency Revenue with Content Amplification Programs via Employee Advocacy

"You can start to see some real business value. It's ultimately the number that make people keep these programs."

Jason Sibley CEO of Creation Agency



Grow Your Business While You Grow Theirs

Build Clients Social Influence

Reach your clients’ specific audiences while generating the visibility and brand influence that bring results. With the ability to create, curate, and promote content segmented to individual clients, agencies can ensure accurate, targeted and campaign-boosting engagements tailored to their specific marketing needs

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Coordinating Content Amplification with Agency Employee Advocacy GaggleAMP


Coordinate Content Amplification

Send a wave of targeted engagement directly to the campaigns that generate results for your clients. GaggleAMP makes it easy to send segmented, targeted amplification directly to your priority campaigns—using the organic social networks of your employees. With 92% of people preferring recommendations of friends and family over brands, you can rest assured your amplifications will have a profound impact on campaign success.

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Collaborate In-Person and Virtual Events

Curate pre-written status updates and posts across your clients’ social networks while monitoring user-generated content and branded hashtags to coordinate and maximize your content amplification.




Referral Partners

  • Bring at least one deal that closes in order to qualify.
  • 50% discount off of training/workshops for the agency and their clients.
  • 50 % discount for agency internal use of GaggleAMP.
  • Must refer at least 3 clients a year to remain active.
  • Referral agency revenue.
  • Dedicated agency partner manager.




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Jen Spencer SmartBug
"[Employee advocacy] helped give us a process, and it provided us with metrics to validate that the effort is worthwhile. Every month and every quarter we can say 'Ok, team, you contributed X amount of revenue for this organization by participating in this."

Jen Spencer Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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