Lauren Gitlin headshot

Lauren Gitlin

Marketer Managing Social Media & Employee Advocacy

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"I love the mobile app integration with the platform. Everyone is already on their phone, so by using push notifications in addition to the digest emails we can make sure our employees have multiple opportunities to see and share content."
Jeffrey Bourque headshot

Jeffrey Bourque

Digital Marketing Manager

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"This app makes it very easy for me to create content for our social media brand and then distribute it to our employees/brand champions for easy distribution to their social media channels. It has increased engagement with our employees in distributing our social media content."
Andrew Brecher headshot

Andrew Brecher

Marketing Operations Specialist

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"I like that it is a simple, cost-effective way to maximize brand exposure. We are getting "free advertising" from our own employees! We are visibly attaining more social awareness and engagement."
Jen Spencer headshot

Jen Spencer

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"Our future clients find us online, so social media sharing is a critical component of our inbound marketing strategy. GaggleAMP has enabled our team to all participate in marketing activities while dramatically reducing the time spent on such activities. It's also helped us quantify team engagement."
Lauren St. Amand headshot

Lauren St. Amand

VP Global Marketing

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"GaggleAMP is an intuitive employee enablement tool that has helped our employees share our marketing content fast. Even our reserved colleagues have joined in the fun."
Amy Kugali headshot

Amy Kugali

Marketing Manager eDiscovery Services

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“GaggleAMP allows our sales team to effectively use social media. It's so easy to curate and write messages and put them into GaggleAMP for the sales team to use. The sales team is a busy group - and they can easily use their phone or laptop to schedule out messages. We went from not using social media at all to having a small army of advocates for our company and offerings!”
Danielle Anderson head shot

Danielle Anderson

Social Media Specialist

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"GaggleAMP has really helped increase our social presence as well as getting our employees excited about social. It also is a great way to keep your employees informed of the great things being shared via social. The program is very easy to use on both the admin and user experience side. I cannot say enough positive things about GaggleAMP. Great tool!"
Jesse Sumrak headshot

Jesse Sumrak

Social Media Manager

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"We're able to reach exponentially more people by using GaggleAMP. We've seen content spread much quicker when we share specific posts on GaggleAMP."

Jaime Lee head shot

Jaime Lee

Director of Marketing

"I like the mobile app, incentives via rewards feature, leaderboard (ability to make leaderboard public to display internally), and excellent customer service. A true pleasure to work with."

Amelia Thompson headshot

Amelia Thompson

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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"The main issues I had before GaggleAMP was getting my colleagues on the same page with social media. Many were too timid to use social media as they did not want to post anything illegal (such as internal documents) and others simply didn't use social media. With GaggleAMP, we're able to connect everybody."
Alina Noronha Fernandes headshot

Alina Noronha Fernandes

Marketing Manager, South Asia

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"I like that GaggleAMP seamlessly integrates with all social platforms of the user and the good part is that you decide which social platform you want to use/not use and can instantly turn it on/off as per your needs. It has helped employees get their social profiles more active and engaged. Before this, we had a lot of content but just didn't have the right tool to disseminate it to employees."
Greg Dziwulski headshot

Greg Dziwulski

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist & Global Campaign Manager

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"The best thing about GaggleAMP from my perspective is the ability to spread messages quickly, and nearly effortlessly. It's easier to get buy-in from your internal team to push messages through their social media accounts when they are already tied into GaggleAMP and all they have to click is a button!"

Steve Tanner

Senior Social Media and Corporate Communications Specialist

"As a social media manager, GaggleAMP helps me engage other team members at our company, easily adding fresh content to their feeds, while also providing measurable amplification of our messaging.  In many ways, GaggleAMP has helped us to get team members from "point A" to "point B" in their social involvement."

Anat Hazanchuk

Social Media Marketing Manager

"I was able to push out a very successful program using GaggleAMP. We had no prior experience with an Employee Advocacy Program prior to GaggleAMP. I would recommend this user-friendly dashboard to any company!"