Lauren Gitlin headshot

Lauren Gitlin

Marketer Managing Social Media & Employee Advocacy

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"I love the mobile app integration with the platform. Everyone is already on their phone, so by using push notifications in addition to the digest emails we can make sure our employees have multiple opportunities to see and share content."
Kelly Boyd headshot

Kelly Boyd

Marketing Analyst

"[GaggleAMP's] one-click interface makes sharing content very easy no matter your level of experience with social media. it helps us with brand awareness for a new business unit and making social a larger part of the conversation with employees."
Andrew Brecher headshot

Andrew Brecher

Marketing Operations Specialist

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"I like that it is a simple, cost-effective way to maximize brand exposure. We are getting "free advertising" from our own employees! We are visibly attaining more social awareness and engagement."
Alina Noronha Fernandes headshot

Alina Noronha Fernandes

Marketing Manager, South Asia

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"I like that GaggleAMP seamlessly integrates with all social platforms of the user and the good part is that you decide which social platform you want to use/not use and can instantly turn it on/off as per your needs.It has helped employees get their social profiles more active and engaged. Before this we had a lot of content but just didn't have the right tool to disseminate it to employees."
Lauren St. Amand headshot

Lauren St. Amand

VP Global Marketing

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"GaggleAMP is an intuitive employee enablement tool that has helped our employees share our marketing content fast. Even our reserved colleagues have joined in the fun."
Melissa Ripp headshot

Melissa Ripp

Director of PR & Communications

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"GaggleAMP makes it easy -- no, wait -- make that ridiculously easy -- to curate content from your company's social media platforms and facilitate the sharing of that content by your company's employees. The easy-to-use interface, the very minimal work require by employees to either share content outright or put their own spin on it -- makes our yearly investment in the platform very much worth it."
Amy Kugali headshot

Amy Kugali

Marketing Manager eDiscovery Services

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“GaggleAMP allows our sales team to effectively use social media. It's so easy to curate and write messages and put them into GaggleAMP for the sales team to use. The sales team is a busy group - and they can easily use their phone or laptop to schedule out messages. We went from not using social media at all to having a small army of advocates for our company and offerings!”
Jamie Laliberte Whalen headshot

Jamie Laliberte Whalen

Sr. Manager, Digital Content and Social Media

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"I really enjoy the ease of the program. I find that we have been able to apply it in a multitude of ways for the company. Including on-boarding, internal metrics growth, events success, etc. We are solving for an issue of poor external branding. When arriving at my company people were hesitant to be an advocate, but now, with GaggleAMP we have empowered others to be casters of the space with an easy to use program."
Amelia Thompson headshot

Amelia Thompson

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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"The main issues I had before GaggleAMP was getting my colleagues on the same page with social media. Many were too timid to use social media as they did not want to post anything illegal (such as internal documents) and others simply didn't use social media. With GaggleAMP, we're able to connect everybody."

Catherine Cottingham

Marketing Director

"I like how simple it is for employees to share messages on social media and how twitter can be automated! This allows us to get out different articles, news updates, and press releases quickly while reaching a larger audience."

Megan Potrzeba

Marketing Automation Manager

"As an end user in the marketing department, I'm very impressed with GaggleAMP. Our sales team also enjoys using it, because they can scan through all the post options or simply post all of them without thinking twice about it. It kills two bird with one stone - alleviates the need for the team to write their own posts and gets our companies message across in an (approved by marketing) way."

Elizabeth Millar

Content Manager

"We have greatly extended our social reach by using GaggleAMP -- utilizing our members networks has more than doubled our social footprint as we look at our month over month metrics."

Anat Hazanchuk

Social Media Marketing Manager

"I was able to push out a very successful program using GaggleAMP. We had no prior experience with an Employee Advocacy Program prior to GaggleAMP. I would recommend this user-friendly dashboard to any company!"

Steve Tanner

Senior Social Media and Corporate Communications Specialist

"As a social media manager, GaggleAMP helps me engage other team members at our company, easily adding fresh content to their feeds, while also providing measurable amplification of our messaging.  In many ways, GaggleAMP has helped us to get team members from "point A" to "point B" in their social involvement."

Andrea Fitzpatrick

Corporate Communications Manager

"This is a seamless and effortless way for employees to engage with and extend the reach of your social content. The team at GaggleAMP is responsive and proactive. Easiest implementation and adoption of any program we use by far! This will pay for itself within weeks and will have a serious impact on the social activity surrounding your brand."