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Employee Advocacy Mid-Market Leader - Fall 2023

A Mid-Market leader in the Employee Advocacy category are rated highly by G2 users in companies with 50-1000 employees and has substantial satisfaction and market presence scores.


Momentum Leader in Employee Advocacy - Fall 2023

A Momentum Leader in the Employee Advocacy measures positive changes in the business: social media presence, employee counts, and the number of reviews, among others.


High Performer in Employee Advocacy - Fall 2023

High Performers in the Employee Advocacy category report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial satisfaction and market presence scores.


High Performer in Brand Advocacy - Fall 2023

Leaders in the Brand Advocacy category report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial satisfaction and market presence scores in mid-market companies.


High Performer Small Business - Brand Advocacy - Fall 2023

As a High Performer in the Small Business category for Brand Advocacy, GaggleAMP receives high marks for superior customer satisfaction scores in our respective categories.


Fastest Implementation in Enterprise Businesses - Fall 2023

An award for the fastest implementation means we get Enterprise customers up and running faster than our competition!


Leader in the Americas - Fall 2023

We're leading the America's with our Employee and Brand Advocacy solution!


High Performer in Europe- Fall 2023

As a European High Performer, we are one of only 3 companies that European businesses rank as a trusted Brand Advocacy solution.


Best Support Mid-Market - Employee Advocacy - Summer 2023

GaggleAMP has been awarded as a result of our high customer satisfaction scores in our respective categories.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

"It is great to hear other colleagues from different parts of the world raving about certain individuals who are constantly posting on accounts such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Little do they know that those users are taking 30 seconds per week to schedule those posts. Our users look like heros in the eyes of our customers."

Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson

Marketing and Comms Coordinator

"This software makes it simple to share company news and promotions internally for amplification across many social media accounts for our Sales teams. We've been pleased with our engagement, reach, and tracking metrics from this software."

Tia Wood
Tia Wood

Digital Marketing Specialist

"I was really resentful of the fact that [my employer was] asking me as an employee to engage with clients on the market on social media. Once I realized what an opportunity it was for me to brand myself, my company, and my expertise in the industry while sharing a little more of my passion and my ideas, then I really embraced it. It’s such a great opportunity to put yourself out there, differentiate yourself and show the value you bring."

Sameena Kluck
Sameena Kluck

Strategic Account Executive

"GaggleAMP really amplifies your social media efforts, allowing a company to tap into employees to broaden its reach. We are getting 5X reach with our employee network vs. just doing social media on our owned channels!"

Alyssa Trenkamp
Alyssa Trenkamp

Sr. Director of Marketing Comms

"GaggleAMP is a go-to social media tool for companies looking to boost employee and channel engagement. The tool itself is fairly easy to use and manage, and customer and account support are superior - very responsive and willing to help when any issues arise. They have a great team!"

Caleb Finch
Caleb Finch

Senior Content Specialist

"GaggleAMP is a win-win! It's a marketer's dream to be able to curate and craft strategic messages and leverage a large group of employees to amplify the message. And it's a win for sales who get easy-to-use content to grow their network and engage their contacts. It's a rare marketing platform that makes both sales and marketing happy."

Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns

VP of Sales Enablement


Turning Around Social Media Metrics With GaggleAMP at The Predictive Index

The company's social media reach nearly quadrupled to over 4.1 million, its interactions increased by more than 7x to 910, and its clicks increased by more than 10x to 1,507.

"If employees had to go on the platform [to] copy and paste and take multiple steps, it just wouldn't happen. But with GaggleAMP, it's just a click of a button. They don't have to think about [sharing the content]. The platform makes it easy."

- Erin Balsa , Head of Content Marketing

Erin Balsa headshot
Transition Waves Up

"GaggleAMP allows our sales team to effectively use social media. It's so easy to curate and write messages and put them into GaggleAMP for the sales team to use. [They're] a busy group - and they can easily use their phone or laptop to schedule messages. We went from not using social media at all to having a small army of advocates for our company and offerings!”

Amy McWilliams
Amy McWilliams

Marketing Manager

"Our future clients find us online, so social media sharing is a critical component of our inbound marketing strategy. GaggleAMP has enabled our team to all participate in marketing activities while dramatically reducing the time spent on such activities. It's also helped us quantify team engagement."

Jen Spencer
Jen Spencer

VP of Sales and Marketing

"I like that it is a simple, cost-effective way to maximize brand exposure. We are getting "free advertising" from our own employees! We are visibly attaining more social awareness and engagement."

Andrew Brecher
Andrew Brecher

Marketing Operations Specialist

WGroup Logo Big

WGroup Builds $2 Million in Sales Pipeline With GaggleAMP

The success of the consultants at the peer-to-peer CIO advisory firm is directly connected to thought leadership, and it is important that WGroup's consultants are seen as thought leaders among industry peers.

"The biggest success we've had with GaggleAMP is creating a brand image of thought leaders. When anyone knows any of our consultants, they can't help but be exposed to a wealth of new ideas, concepts, and thinking. GaggleAMP has enabled us to make our firm look that way because it is that way. And now it's visible."

- Domenic Colasante , CMO


"GaggleAMP is one of the most user-friendly and simple tools you can implement to drive direct impact. There are thousands of marketing technology products out there that will do a lot of really good things, but the amount of effort and brainpower that you need to spend to get value out of those tools is significant. In GaggleAMP's case, it's a very low barrier to entry and a very quick path to impact.”

Domenic Colasante
Domenic Colasante


"While marketing would regularly supply social banners, links, content with various campaigns, very little sales reps had the time or wanted to put the effort into sharing that information socially. By automating this with Gaggle scheduler, we have completely ramped up our social presence especially through our sales teams with very little effort required on the part of sales - so they can focus their time on selling."

Michelle Koty
Michelle Koty

Sr. Manager, Americas Field & Partner Marketing

“GaggleAMP has been absolutely critical to the social media program for Carbon Black. Before we started using GaggleAMP, social media was very much a manual effort that often required gratuitous effort. With GaggleAMP, we found a tool that makes engagements and increasing total followers a bit easier.”

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy

Head of Global Comms

"Successful salespeople know that they need to be engaging on social media, and that's why they're on GaggleAMP. It’s helping them market themselves and our company. It's incredibly important.”

Chris Winston
Chris Winston

Director of Corporate Communications

"[GaggleAMP] makes it easy for our recruiters to share branded content with their LinkedIn networks."

Shelby Grip
Shelby Grip

Senior Manager of Talent Brand and Recruitment Marketing

"I love the fact that all of our employees can suggest messages for us to post on GaggleAMP - meaning that we get insights from all areas of the business as to successes that we want to share - it's not just from a technical or marketing perspective but is raw "news" from our teams."

Claire Berry
Claire Berry

Service Operations Manager


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