Reimagine Your Employee Advocacy Program at AMPlify Virtual

Join our intensive workshop where you'll step away from the day-to-day and get a clear understanding of what you need to do to take your program to the next level.


Why Should You Attend AMPlify?



Get actionable strategies, hands-on sessions, strategic discussions, and more, all designed to improve the engagement, communication, and advocacy in your organization.

Content Strategy &

Explore how to align your larger digital content strategy with the voice of your employees. Through hands-on training, you'll develop content and commentary that will drive traffic to gated assets, put your employees on influencers' radars, and open your human resources exposure to new potential candidates.

Onboarding & Recruitment

Learn how to communicate the value to employees for long-term success, and learn how to build your strategy to implement a new program and grow beyond the walls of an existing program.
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Hear What Our Attendees Have To Say!

"A big part of my role is running the employee advocacy legacy program. Being able to really hone in on the elements of the strategy that are specific, and hear from people that are also in the trenches running programs, is super valuable in terms of getting takeaways I can apply to my organization."

Kristen O'Neill

Former Corporate Social Media Manager at TransUnion

“I love that GaggleAMP offers educational opportunities. I just did the workshop, AMPlify Virtual. That was good because it reminds you of the fundamentals of the tool. Reminds you to align the goals of Marketing and Sales, teaching you how to bridge that gap and how to communicate the value of GaggleAMP as it relates to their goals. It teaches you how to make it make sense for them rather than just trying to push another tool out to them.”

Crystal Cummins
Crystal Cummins

Social Media Manager at Corcentric

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What We Will Cover


Employee Advocacy Goals / Program Performance Discussion

Get clear on what your outcomes for your program should be.


Aligning Employee Advocacy to Your Organization's Objectives

Employee advocacy should be tied directly to corporate and marketing objectives.


Program Member Management

We take you deep into the rabbit hole and cover five major things you should be doing… and how!


Employee Advocacy Content Strategy and Management

Your employee advocacy content is an extension of your overall content strategy but not the same. We’ll explain why and how this works.


Reporting and Analytics Management

Demonstrating ROI, Showing Value, and Being Influential - Gaining cross-department and executive buy-in is a must. We’ll show you how to report on the results of social/employee advocacy programs plus demonstrate ROI and lead gen.


The Future of Social Media and Employee Advocacy

Where is all this going? We started this conversation almost 10 years ago. We’ll get into what you can expect in the coming years.


Open Q&A

Now it’s your turn to ask questions and share your experiences.


GaggleAMP Hands-On Workshop

See and experience how to actually manage a program with the first and best employee advocacy platform.

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What You'll Get With AMPlify Virtual

What You Get With AMPlify Virtual With GaggleAMP
This opportunity is open to anyone in the employee advocacy space regardless of the platform you are using to power your program.
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Meet Your Instructor 


Andrew Stewart

Director of Customer Success

Andrew has helped launch, manage, and monitor more than 500 employee and brand advocacy programs throughout his career. With impact on both small to medium sized businesses and enterprise-class solutions, Andrew has helped customers achieve heightened levels of success and experience massive value with their social media strategy.

Through implementing the right processes, sharing the most up-to-date best practices, and adapting programs based on what he learns from other programs, Stewart creates incredibly successful employee advocacy programs for companies globally.

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When employees share your content, they unlock the full potential of their collective networks by increasing shares, reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

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