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Powerful Features

GaggleAMP provides simplified content distribution

Simplified Content

Strengthen the reach of your marketing and drive top of funnel activity through your stakeholders. Activate and align your employees and partners to distribute your content to their networks.

With GaggleAMP you’ll see the power of an aligned marketing strategy. Increase market awareness by driving authentic engagement through your stakeholders. This delivers more traffic, leads and social interactions.



Align employees to participate in your broader digital engagement strategy with our wide variety of Actions. GaggleAMP Actions allow you to activate your stakeholders to engage on a deeper level and enhance your marketing impact.

Execute coordinated engagements by using Actions to have your stakeholders follow an influencer or comment on a blog post. With over 40 Actions, your stakeholders can go above and beyond just sharing messages to truly engage with your audience.

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Delivering a Social Strategy With Your Employees
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GaggleAMP provides deep analytics and reporting

Deep Analytics
& Reporting

Build powerful actionable reports that visually show trends and success. GaggleAMP’s reporting helps you track the ROI and measures performance with detailed reports.

Gain insight into what content is resonating with your audience and how you can optimize for the future. See what engagement activities your stakeholders are doing and optimize less used activities.

GaggleAMP features easy-to-use web and mobile apps

Web & Mobile Apps

Stakeholders get sharing at their fingertips. Whether on the go or in the office, GaggleAMP makes sharing pre-curated content and digital engagement suggestions easy. Our desktop and mobile applications ensure the maximum amount of stakeholders will perform marketing activities that your company provides them.

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