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Supercharge Your Employee Advocacy Efforts with AI

Streamline the ideation and content creation process with AI-Powered Paraphrase. Transform and re-word content to give your team unique and authentic content to share on social media.



AI-Manager Paraphrasing

Unlock Authenticity, Creativity, and Growth with AI-Manager Paraphrasing

Write your content and use our AI to diversity it, creating multiple social posts from the same core message. Activities that are Auto-Paraphrased are more likely to be shared by Members and ultimately leads to more reach, clicks, and social interactions!

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    Get More Shares

    Customers average 59% more shares per activity created.

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    Increase Your Clicks

    With more activity shares, customers see 185% more clicks on each activity created.

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    Boost Your Social Interactions

    Customers enjoy 57% more social interactions per activity created for Members.

AI-Manager Paraphrase

"I love when we ask our team to share something and they use the AI feature. It helps our team feel like they have more ownership of their voice and keeps from duplicating content amongst our team."

Meghan Cornwell
Meghan Cornwell
Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Teachstone
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AI-Member Paraphrasing

Share Content that
is Unique to You

Share content from your Gaggle Managers but in your own voice. AI-Member Paraphrasing keeps you from sharing the same content as your peers while infusing it with your own voice.

AI-Member Paraphrasing
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