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Measuring Your Digital Marketing Efforts


 “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.”  - Edmund Burke

Marketers understand this in spades. Missing expectations impacts company results and their own reputation in the organization. Using your gut to tell you if your digital marketing efforts are working is akin to throwing your money out the window and hoping that you will find results when you go outside. Analytics are needed to know what is working and what isn’t. Understanding how content and engagements are performing will empower your ability to do more of what is working and cut what isn’t.  


Social Media Analytics

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Analytics are critical to understanding the patterns and types of activities in which success is bred. It’s not enough to know that something has been done. It is critical to know how something has performed in the context in which it was done. In other words, just because a piece of content drive clicks, the reason for success may have little to do with the content itself. Reports that show the contextual environment of an activity incorporate not just clicks but also contextual data points such as engagements, timing, reach, audience and more. This becomes truly valuable when it can be reported on at the individual activity level along with aggregating campaign activity and timeframe. GaggleAMP provides these reports and more to help you analyze your efforts and make the decisions that will ensure success on future campaigns.


Social Media Engagement Reports

Testing assumptions and hypotheticals is key to marketing success. Having the reports that drive analytical analysis are the keys to testing and confirming assumptions and hypotheses. Leveraging the insights that GaggleAMP’s Manager reporting capabilities will be your partner in testing and rolling out powerful digital campaigns that your employees and stakeholders can participate in. With GaggleAMP, you can test on a myriad of variables to validate precise hypotheticals.

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