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Increase brand reach and employee engagement through your employees' social networks.


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With GaggleAMP®, we refocus the passions of your employees on your marketing. Using a simple, intuitive solution, we give your employees an easy way to advocate your business across online channels -- translating their enthusiasm into better campaign results, greater engagement, and best of all -- more business.

Watch this video to learn how you can leverage the power of your employees’ passions to bolster your marketing strategy with GaggleAMP. 


"In just the first 6 months, we've actually paid for the program through the cost savings that we had for advertising we didn't have to buy."

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How GaggleAMP can help your business

Expand Your Content’s Reach
Get the most out of your content by tapping into the vast contacts and new audiences of your employees. 

Drive Engagement
Increase online engagement with your business by giving your employees and partners the ability to share and engage with your content from one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. 

Increase Social Selling
Give your sales team a boost by making it easy to reach new prospects, engage audiences, and strengthen business relationships.

Boost Internal Participation
Improve communication, engagement, and affinity for your brand by engaging your employees internally with fun, engagement-spurring activities.
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