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Your Employees Need Your Help

Employees Disengage When

  • They get overwhelmed with too much content
  • They get the same salesy content from corporate pages
  • It’s all about the company
  • You provide yet ANOTHER news feed or “newsletter email”
  • They get yet another dashboard they need to spend a lot of time in
  • A long drawn out set-up requiring classes and technical training

Employees Engage When

  • They get the right amount of pre-packaged & timely content
  • They trust your curation
  • It’s all about building their professional brand
  • You provide simple and effective content in THEIR voice.
  • The solution makes it easy to share and get on with their day
  • Instant set-up with little to no training required
Getting Started
Advocacy Platforms

What our clients are Saying

Maybe you tried, maybe you’re just starting. Let us help you succeed at employee advocacy and engagement.

“Once people received the first e-mail that they had content to share, they understood what to do and how to do it. It's amazing, I've never seen a social tool that requires so little training as GaggleAMP.”

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Douglas Jensen

Social Media Manager


"By using GaggleAMP, we help our employees improve their individual online presence. In turn, they help the company by allowing us to reach exponentially more people. When we first rolled out a Gaggle to our R&D team and explained the potential impact and value, the adoption rate was incredible:150 engineers joined in two days!”

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Piyush Prem

Senior Social Media Specialist


“GaggleAMP has really been great overall. It’s been huge for us in terms of starting our social media presence! The largest benefit of GaggleAMP is being able to reach a max audience in a short amount of time.”

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Emily Sarver

Social Media Manager