Employee Advocacy Leader Spring 2023

Turn Your Employees Into Influencers

We help social media managers curate content to distribute to their employee influencers' social media networks to help with brand awareness.


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Discover the Benefits of Employee Advocacy

Do you struggle to get your colleagues active on social media? GaggleAMP's employee advocacy platform gives them an easy way to share content and engage with posts on their personal social media accounts. 

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Easy for Employees. Powerful for You!

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  • Home-Expand-Reach

    Extend Your Contents' Reach

    Get the most out of your content by tapping into your employees' audiences.

  • Home-Drive-Engagement

    Drive Engagement

    Increase online engagement by giving your employees and stakeholders the ability to share and engage with your content from one easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

  • Home-Increase Social Selling

    Increase Social Selling

    Reach new prospects, engage audiences, and strengthen business relationships.

  • Home-Internal-Participation

    Boost Brand Awareness

    Improve the affinity for your brand by engaging your employees through employee advocacy, bringing your message to their audience.

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AMPlify Your Social Media Reach with GaggleAMP

Social Sellers are 51% More Likely to Hit Their Sales Quota 

Getting salespeople to buy-into social selling can be a journey. Use this guide to help the sales team to boost their pipeline and generate better quality leads.

Checklist: Launch a Successful Employee Advocacy Program 

Use this employee advocacy checklist to launch a successful strategy, engage employees at scale, and measure ROI.                                 

Getting Started With Employee Advocacy

When employees share your content, they unlock the full potential of their collective networks by increasing shares, reach, engagement, and brand awareness.


Join over 100,000 people that have benefited from Employee Advocacy with GaggleAMP.

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