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Your Employees Need Your Help


Employees Stop Sharing When

  • They get overwhelmed with too much content
  • They get the same salesy content from corporate pages
  • It’s all about the company
  • You provide yet ANOTHER news feed or “newsletter email”
  • They get yet another dashboard they need to spend a lot of time in
  • A long drawn out set-up requiring classes and technical training

Employees Love Sharing When

  • They get the right amount of pre-packaged & timely content
  • They trust your curation
  • It’s all about building their professional brand
  • You provide simple and effective content in THEIR voice.
  • The solution makes it easy to share and get on with their day
  • Instant set-up with little to no training required
Getting Started
Advocacy Platforms

GaggleAMP Powers Employee Advocacy Programs Across Many Industries