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Amping Up Your Digital Message

Your digital marketing strategy isn’t complete by just posting something to a blog or social network. Why should your employees and stakeholders also have an incomplete digital presence? With GaggleAMP, you will be able to recommend a full range of digital engagements  that align with and amplify your corporate digital marketing efforts.

Effective marketers realize that digital engagements on social media platforms, websites and applications are critical to the success of any campaigns. With GaggleAMP, you get to “Amp Up” the impact of all of your campaigns. Most social media platforms and websites now base the best performing content and users around algorithms that favor engagements and interactions with content… not just the posting of content. Content dies on the digital vine if it is not watered with engagements, interactions and sharing. Be sure to complete any campaign with the ability to drive up the the ranking of your content by giving employees and stakeholders the ability to participate with recommended engagements.

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What is Engagement?

Engagements range from following influencers, commenting on posts, writing reviews,  acknowledging others and more. In the digital world, engagements change as social platforms do. New platforms, websites and applications are constantly coming online. You want a solution that regularly grows its capabilities to support the growing engagements that are available.

GaggleAMP’s supported engagements are a function of what our clients need. Within GaggleAMP, our clients can request new engagements based on what they see as a need. These requests are reviewed weekly by our staff so we can keep abreast of client needs. In addition to our client’s requests, the GaggleAMP team is constantly reviewing options to innovate on digital engagements.

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