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At GaggleAMP, we use a variety of subprocessors that help our business run. This makes it possible to bring you the great features and services that provide value to our customers. These are technology partners that have committed to securing our data and in turn yours. We think selling your data is not cool. GaggleAMP Inc. does not sell any personally identifiable information to third parties.


Customer Data: Information between Customer to GaggleAMP in order to contract for the services. For example, billing information or point of contact information.

End User Data: Any data collected through use of the platform by Customer and its Gaggle members.

All Categories: Could be Customer and/or End user and/or Website Visitor data.

Website Visitors: Anyone that visits our website including customers, end users, and third parties.


Here is the list of companies that we use that help us run our business and services:

Vendor NameDescriptionLinkCountryUse of Data
Amazon Web Services

Our cloud computing provider (where our applications are hosted) USA End User Data

Software we use to help product and software development Australia All Categories

Online marketplace vendor that assists consumers with selecting software for their needs with users reviews and research USA Customer Data

Call scheduling tool USA Customer Data

This software helps us organize our contacts USA Customer Data

Provides us with log management review and real-time metrics monitoring for our applications USA End User Data

File storage tool USA Customer Data
Earth Class Mail

Service to manage our incoming mail USA Customer Data

Peer to peer review site for business software USA Customer Data
Google Analytics

Tracks web traffic to our public facing website and in our applications USA Website Visitors

Productivity, organization, and communication tools USA All Categories
Heroku, a Salesforce company

An application hosting provider built on top of Amazon Web Services used to host some legacy services USA End User Data

Monitors our applications to see exception reporting (i.e. if something unexpected happens) USA End User Data

We leverage both their marketing automation and CRM tools for our public site and customer interactions (for example tracking sales interactions) USA All Categories

Our customer facing team uses this during video communication USA Customer Data

Video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos USA Customer Data

Business tool to track and manage projects USA Customer Data

Account-Based Orchestration Platform USA End User Data
OpenAI OpCo, LLC

Generative AI service to create, analyze, and transform content USA All Categories
Papertrail and Librato, products of Solar Winds

Provides us with log management review and real-time metrics monitoring for our applications USA End User Data

Product experience and digital adoption solution USA End User Data
Profitwell /Paddle Inc

Real-time subscription analytics USA Customer Data

Account-Based Orchestration Platform USA End User Data
ShelfFlip, Inc. dba UserGems

Sales tool for pipeline generation USA End User Data

Business tool we use internally to communicate USA All Categories
Strike Graph

Strike Graph helps us maintain security standards as well as our SOC2 certification USA Customer Data

A business tool to process payments and billing USA Customer Data

Landing page builder Canada Website Visitors

Data presentation and visualization tool USA Customer Data

Video hosting platform USA Customer Data

Software we use for finance and accounting functions USA/New Zealand Customer Data

Our customer success team uses this to log and track support requests USA All Categories

Video call software for internal and external communication USA Customer Data