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Who Uses GaggleAMP

A Platform That Powers & Supports Your Marketing Organization

Companies make significant investments in upstream marketing efforts. Many of these efforts continue to get diminishing returns at higher costs, while the need for results continues to grow. You can have the greatest message ever created, but your message gets diluted significantly when stakeholders, such as employees and channel partners, are left on their own to communicate the message and engage with the market.

GaggleAMP is the only tool that combines top performing distribution with powerful amplification. This, combined with powerful data and analytics to enhance reach and engagement, gives all members of the revenue growth team greater control of the message while multiplying its impact.

Regardless of your role, GaggleAMP helps you achieve your objectives faster.

Senior Marketing Executives

Use GaggleAMP to lower cost per lead (CPL) and customer acquisition costs (CAC) by creating real engagement at the top of the funnel. This gives more power to the content their team is already creating and gives them a competitive advantage.

Senior Social Media Executives

GaggleAMP multiplies the impact of social media to create real engagement, while enhancing lead generation quality, volume and velocity. Additionally, GaggleAMP provides the analytics to clearly communicate ROI and to provide leaders with the insights to drive even better performance in the future.

Head of Sales

In addition to greater lead generation, GaggleAMP enables salespeople to produce more in less time. GaggleAMP powers social selling efforts and provides the data to ensure efforts lead to results. GaggleAMP is so easy to use that sales reps are using it (and creating new relationships) immediately.

Social Media/Digital Managers

GaggleAMP's easy to use interface, backed with powerful features, enables social media managers to do more and control more. By making distribution and amplification a simpler process, you are able to spend more time on what matters...creating greater content.

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