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“If I look at what it costs me to run this tool, and what I’ve gotten back, it's an enormous return...It’s so simple. Why more people don’t do it – I don’t know.”


Stephen Spector
Vice President of Marketing at Buurst.

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We have plans ranging from as low as 25 employees to Enterprise plans for companies with tens of thousands of employees. Connect with us to find out what plan is best for your company.

“In just the first six months, we’ve actually paid for the program through the cost savings we had for advertising we didn’t have to buy.”


Karin Aviles
Former Head of Demand Generation & Field Marketing at Centrica

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because sometimes you just need to know!

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

It depends. For our plans with 100 seats or more, an annual contract is required. However, we do offer month-to-month subscriptions for smaller packages. 

What happens if I go over my subscription?

Gaggle® Managers have the ability to invite and remove members. If your Gaggle gets too popular and exceeds the allocated number of members, let's chat. That's a good problem to have on your hands.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards for standard subscriptions. We invoice enterprise subscriptions with the option to pay by check or wire transfer (we can invoice you with net 30 terms).

What is a Gaggle®?

Simply stated, a Gaggle® is a group of people on the GaggleAMP platform that are passionate enough about what you do that they want to participate in your online marketing efforts. Members of a Gaggle share content and engage with social media posts to help deliver greater brand awareness and attention to an organization's marketing efforts.

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Employee Advocacy Builds Better Outcomes

Getting Started With
Employee Advocacy

When employees share your content, they unlock the full potential of their collective networks by increasing shares, reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

Employee Advocacy

Hear how Yvonne Boateng, the Employee Advocacy Director at Standard Chartered Bank, overcame obstacles to increase engagements by 180X.

Launching an Employee
Advocacy Program

Ricoh Canada knew there was an opportunity for further growth to promote its activities and accomplishments as an organization. 

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