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When engaging employees or other stakeholders to share in social media activity or other digital marketing efforts, it is important to remember that ease of use is the key to success. The user experience should be one of simplicity which takes the guesswork out of what to do. When the employee can easily see what, when and where, participation takes care of itself. GaggleAMP’s user interface, both on the web and mobile apps are designed with this idea in mind. Over the years, we have studied how people have interacted with our interfaces. People interact differently on a website than they do on a mobile app. One size does not fit all when it comes to interfaces. Whether the person is interacting with a desktop web browser or a mobile device app, attention must be given to the usability of the environment.

GaggleAMP looks at each platform that a user may interact with and seeks to understand the kinds of functions they would want to do on that platform. For instance, in the GaggleAMP mobile app, users can interact with a swipe or the use of a thumb tap leveraging the usability that most people have come to expect with and do with mobile apps. In a desktop web browser, leveraging a keyboard and a mouse allows for a different experience that requires a different way of thinking about usage.


Why does this matter?

This kind of thought is required with any solution that crosses the vast array of users that will be interacting with it. GaggleAMP needs to work for the most advanced user in marketing, to the broad range of other employees that in many cases have some level of fear about doing the wrong thing on social media. GaggleAMP intuitive interfaces allows users to quickly embrace both the platform and their ability to easily engage digitally. Some employees may gravitate toward a desktop environment or a mobile device environment. Whicher they choose, GaggleAMP is there for them.

Be careful of any solutions that offer just a mobile app environment or even just a desktop browser environment. These solutions are not taking into considerations the choices that most users have. Forcing all of your users into one environment of the other is a very effective way to decrease participation. In our customers, we see usage in both environments. If we had just one or the other, it would cause a significant drop in participation. Don’t accept one or the other… require that you solution partner have both!

Given GaggleAMP’s optimized environments, it allows the user to choose the environment that best suits them. In a fair amount of cases that we see users use both environments to participate. The result is optimized experiences designed to gain participation by making the user experience intuitive and fun. Participation is the key to success when it comes to employee and stakeholder advocacy and engagement. Step number one in getting participation is to optimize the user experience to work within the device experience and strengths.

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