Segment Your Brand Advocacy Program

Distribute The Right Content To The Right Audience

“I’d love to help. I just don’t know what to say.” This sentiment is a common feeling among employees and stakeholders. The affinity for your organization is there, but marketers need to keep in mind that content creation comes naturally to them but not many of their colleagues. It’s not intuitive for most to employees to know 1) how to create great content and 2) what company content should they share. With GaggleAMP, you as the marketer get to pre-package the right content for the right audiences on the right networks at the appropriate time. You get to take the guesswork out of the equation and provide the confidence to your employees that they always have the content and sharing specifics that will help them become the digital influencers that strive to be.

Content Sharing Tools

Unlike other platforms that create the equivalent to an employee newsletter with sharing options, GaggleAMP’s unique patent-pending approach of aligning the right content with the right platform at the right time makes content sharing easy and fun for your employees and stakeholders. Add to that, the ability to segment content to different groups and you have a powerful mechanism that makes it easy for you to leverage the collective reach of your employees and stakeholders.

Social Content Distribution

Align Your Social Media Army 

GaggleAMP allows you to align your army of employees and stakeholders to easily share the content in the right voice at the right time and on the right network. With GaggleAMP, you get to avoid those embarrassing scenarios in which someone shares a message that is designed for Twitter but is shared on LinkedIn. GaggleAMP empowers you to have laser precision of your content while still making it easy and fun for your fellow employees to share. Add to this a level of gamification through leaderboards and rewards and you have a powerful content sharing solution that leading corporate customers are driving unparalleled value and results from.

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